Co-creation is the key to long-term success

Couple of folks going over a contract.
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Know your work environment to conquer it

Skeleton and computer.
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Learn to use this well-known UX principle to your benefit

Photo of various emotions.
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Six words: wrong race, wrong place, wrong time

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Why advances in technology mean a bright future for the continent

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Once you read this, you’ll see them everywhere

Image of design patterns. Created by Jon Upshaw
These patterns are just a few of many that are common.

Useful ways you can manage (and master) the user experience journey.

Chess pieces on a board.
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Workplace Experience Design and its implications for the fourth industrial revolution

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Methods I use to design for intention and create better experiences.

A minimal room with a chair and plant
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Useful terms anyone can understand to get the basics down

Photo of man starting at notes on a wall
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Jon Upshaw

I write on productivity, culture, design, entrepreneurship, and life in general.

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